The VIP Reports are prepared with the purpose of monitoring the main events of the sugar and biofuel sectors and other correlated markets, with innovative analysis indicating perspectives and trends.

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TRS price in São Paulo closes with retraction in 2013/14 04/01/2014 - Source: View
Expectations for the 2014 RFS 03/05/2014 - Source: View
Increased freight rates for ethanol transport in São Paulo 02/13/2014 - Source: View
RIN price increases again amid fear on biodiesel supply 02/12/2014 - Source: View
Anhydrous ethanol price reaches the highest value since May 2011 12/10/2013 - Source: View
Due to the low price, Indian plants should not produce enough ethanol to meet the 5% blend in 2014. 11/06/2013 - Source: View
Sugar price gap between Northeast and São Paulo falls 10/31/2013 - Source: View
With price still lagged, government flags readjustment in gasoline price 10/30/2013 - Source: View