Agricultural Zoning

DATAGRO’s Agricultural Zoning Department has as purpose to identify areas appropriate or restrict to expansion of sugarcane cultivation and implementation of new producing units, in a sustainable way, minimizing economic and environmental risks.

Interactive maps of soil and climate suitability (with characteristics of soil and climate), topography, land use and legal reserves, identifying appropriate and competitive areas for sugarcane cultivation in Brazil, with the main focus of choosing sustainable environmental economic and social practices.



Sugar Spot 04/22/2014
Sugar S India -Vashi (INR/100kg) 3256.20
Crystal SP¹ (R$/50kg) 51.55
(¹) with taxes
Ethanol (R$/m³) - Spot² 04/22/2014
Hydrous- GO 1259.70
Hydrous - MT 1363.85
Paulínia 1339.00
Hydrous - SP 1416.80
Anhydrous-GO 1450.00
Anhydrous- SP 1545.00
Anhydrous-MT 1729.04
(²) Without taxes
Sugar - 1st Future 04/22/2014
NY #11 (US$c/lb) 16.99
NY #16 (US$c/lb) 24.45
London #5 (US$/t) 472.70
Fuels - 1st Future 04/22/2014
Crude Oil WTI (US$/bbl) 102.13
Ethanol - BM&F (R$/m³) 1260.00
Ethanol - CBOT (US$/gal) 2.2470
Gasoline RBOB (US$/gal) 3.0952
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