Every year, DATAGRO performs its traditional conferences in pleasant places that have already become centers of reference for discussions about the main subjects and concerns of the sector, also providing great networking opportunities. The events count on excellent infrastructure of services and simultaneous translation Portuguese – English - Portuguese.

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Every year in October, DATAGRO performs its DATAGRO’S INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SUGAR AND ETHANOL. In the last edition, DATAGRO’S INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SUGAR AND ETHANOL gathered over 530 participants, from 30 countries, having been one of the largest and best meetings of the greatest international authorities of the sugar and ethanol sector. It stood up by promoting debates and addressing very important issues for the development and growth of the sector.


DATAGRO, in partnership with the international sugar Organization (ISO) is pleased to organize in May the ISO/DATAGRO NEW YORK SUGAR CONFERENCE which took place in the city of New York – USA. In the last edition, the ISO/DATAGRO NEW YORK SUGAR CONFERENCE gathered over 300 participants, from 20 countries, having been a mark and technical reference for participants of the Sugar Dinner New York.

The Sugar Dinner New York takes place in parallel to the Conference , being one of the world’s most important social and corporate events on sugar, gathering agents from the most important areas of this business – sugar beet and sugarcane suppliers, processors, refiners, brokers and traders from all continents. This event represents an unique opportunity to debate important matter, which include the following:

  • Market perspectives
  • Refining capacity
  • Future opportunities in the bi-fuels sector
  • Competition between sucrose and ethanol in the dynamic sugar market
  • Overall market perspective for sugar and ethanol in Brazil and abroad
  • Future sugar and sweeteners consumption trends
  • Dynamics of ethanol demand in the United States and its legal aspects
  • Importance of funds in investments on sugar
  • Impact of financial markets in sugar and ethanol


Sugar Spot 04/17/2014
Sugar S India -Vashi (INR/100kg) 3284.00
Crystal SP¹ (R$/50kg) 51.77
(¹) with taxes
Ethanol (R$/m³) - Spot² 04/17/2014
Hydrous- GO 1259.70
Hydrous - MT 1304.53
Paulínia 1375.00
Hydrous - SP 1416.80
Anhydrous-GO 1450.00
Anhydrous- SP 1545.00
Anhydrous-MT 1744.16
(²) Without taxes
Sugar - 1st Future 04/17/2014
NY #11 (US$c/lb) 16.66
NY #16 (US$c/lb) 24.63
London #5 (US$/t) 464.00
Fuels - 1st Future 04/17/2014
Crude Oil WTI (US$/bbl) 104.30
Ethanol - BM&F (R$/m³) 1259.50
Ethanol - CBOT (US$/gal) 2.1920
Gasoline RBOB (US$/gal) 3.0547
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